Privacy Policy

Policy Overview:

Purpose: Tungsten Training Centre Ltd Privacy policy is to protect, respond and report to any concerns whilst on the premises of Tungsten Training Centre or its associated premises (logged in our policy handbook) for anyone receiving training or services provided directly from Tungsten Training Centre Ltd or our staff. 

Scope: This policy applies to children, young people and adults.

Responsibilities: The business administration department are responsible for internal auditing of the policies and procedures. All staff and employees working and delivering on behalf of Tungsten Training Centre Ltd must adhere to these polices and it is their responsibility to report any incidents or concerns that are stated within the policy.

Official: This is a controlled document. Whilst this document may be printed, the electronic version posted on our secure drive network is the controlled copy. Any printed copies or non-password protected copies of this document are not controlled. As a controlled document, this document should be password protected and be sent within a zip file upon request.

Business statement: Tungsten Training Centre Ltd take pride in the success of the training we deliver by ensuring that we always adhere to our policies and procedures and conduct ourselves in professional manner.

Website Data

This is the privacy statement of Tungsten Training Centre Ltd. Head Office: 4 Tungsten Building, George Street, Southwick, West Sussex. BN41 1RA U.K. For the purposes of complying with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 (“the Data Protection Acts”) and the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 2003 as amended by the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Data Protection and Privacy) (Amendment) Regulations 2008. Compliance with (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

By visiting this Website, you are deemed to be on notice of, and to agree with, the manner in which we collect and process personal data which we receive via this website. If you do not agree with the manner in which we collect and process personal data, you should leave this website now and you should not revisit it.

Our Policy on Data Protection

We fully respect your right to privacy and will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your clear permission. Any personal information which you volunteer to us will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality in full compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts.

We do not collect any personal data about you on this website, apart from information which you volunteer, whether by using our online forms, our e-mail subscription list or otherwise. Any information which you provide in this way will not be made available to any third parties unless we have received your express permission in this regard before doing so or unless we are obliged by law to pass on any such information. We may use data which you have submitted to us for statistical, market research, search engine optimisation (“SEO”) or promotional purposes. However, if we do use any of your data in any of these ways, we will ensure that it will not be possible for any third party to identify the data as being attributable to you.

Technical Details Recorded via This Website

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We will make no attempt to identify individual visitors to our website, or to associate the technical details listed above with any individual. It is our policy never to disclose such technical information in respect of individual website visitors to any third party (apart from our internet service provider and persons providing SEO services on our behalf, who record such data on our behalf and who are bound by confidentiality provisions in this regard), unless obliged to disclose such information by a rule of law or unless we believe that our website is being visited for the purpose of committing an offence. The technical information will be used only by us, and only for statistical, market research, SEO and other administrative purposes. Technical details which we cannot associate with any identifiable individual do not constitute “personal data” for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts and we will therefore not be obliged to comply with a request for copies of any such data.

General Data

Tungsten Training Centre Ltd take your data protection very seriously in compliance with General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

When does Tungsten Training Centre Collect your data?

  • Consent for use of your data
  • When do we collect your data?
  • What data do we collect what do we use the data for?

By consenting to this privacy policy, permission is being granted from you for Tungsten Training Centre Ltd to process your personal information for the identified purposes listed below.

  • When an online form is completed on our website
  • When you search online for courses that are delivered by Tungsten Training Centre Ltd
  • When you interact with our online ad’s
  • Communication over the phone, email or in writing
  • When you contact us to enquire about a course either by phone, email, online or in-person
  • When you book and pay for a course with Tungsten Training Centre Ltd by phone, email, online or in-person
  • When you attend our centre for a learning course
  • When you have complied for your data online to be used following the GDPR guidelines

What data do we collect?

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Business or personal address
  • National insurance/UTR number
  • Next of kin name and number
  • Employees names and addresses
  • Financial information including: Bank name, account number, sort code and credit/debit details
  • Photographic identification
  • Proof of qualifications

What do we use your data for?

  • To track your enquiries for a learning course
  • Booking a course or when entering a contract with Tungsten Training Centre Ltd
  • Processing payments and transactions
  • To send any information to you that we deem you might find of benefit, such as legalisation updates, offers and promotions, events and related information about products and services which may be beneficial to you or your business.
  • To protect assets that are property of Tungsten Training Centre Ltd
  • To enable your access to our website services
  • Dealing with any requests/enquires that you have expressed an interest for
  • Improving the quality of our services
  • To provide the services and/or services that we offer to you

Tungsten Training Centre Ltd will comply with the latest GDPR guidelines to ensure your data is processed within reason and for your protection, providing you with control with how it is used.

You are providing Tungsten Training Centre Ltd consent to use your data when providing any information about yourself to the business.

Security and storage of your data

We ensure your data is always protected and the security of that data is vital to us as a business. We ensure we take all precautions and cover all aspects of security. We maintain a variety of security measures including but not limited to extensive security software procedures, firewalls, passwords protection and encryption.

All data is stored within our secure server; however, some documents may be stored on paper copies to satisfy awarding bodies. All documents are kept in secure storage for the required duration which is usually 6 years.

We never keep record of your bank or credit card details and this information is only ever taken over the phone or in person and entered immediately into our secure payment portal.

All our team have received training on how to ensure they comply with our data protection policy.

Who do we share your data with?  

We would never pass your information on to third parties without your consent. We do not sell your personal information to any outside parties.

Information may be shared with trusted third parties that we are within contract to provide you with qualifications such as awarding bodies and that assist us with the operation of our business. We only provide information that is required to support your documentation being processed, these parties are under contract to keep any personal information confidential.

In the circumstance that we must comply with the law, we may release information if it is deemed completely necessary.

Your Rights

You have the rights over your personal data we hold about you and Tungsten Training Centre Ltd are committed to complying with your rights.

  • The right to restrict any further information being processed on you.
  • The right to request deletion of the data we hold about you.
  • The right to rectify any mistakes of data that we hold about you, if the information that we have is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • The right to gain access to the data we hold about you. Please contact if you wish to proceed.
  • You gave the right to withdraw consent and “opt-out” or “unsubscribe”.

Your full rights can be found and explained on the ICO (Information commissioner’s Office.)


We track and use cookies to support us in improving the services and/or services that we offer you and others that may have a similar interest.


If we think its necessary to update information on our privacy policy the updates and issue number with appear on this page along with the current review date.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions or queries regarding the personal information that we hold on you or any queries regarding the privacy policy, please contact us on

Other Policies

Tungsten Training Centre prides its reputation for high-quality delivery along with having a strong diligence process in place. Our Centre has policies available to ensure we protect all candidates, students and staff, attending our centre, to ensure we are compliant at all times.

A full range of our policies and procedures are available in manuals at each of the centre’s premises. Requests for electronic copies can be made via email.