Plumbing and Gas

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Plumbing and Gas


CCN1 Initial (New Entrants)

6 days

From £1,390.00

The BPEC ACS assessment scheme at Tungsten Training Centre covers the domestic industry. Depending upon the work area specified, the candidate would normally undertake a ‘core’ assessment e.g. CCN1 followed by one or more appliance or specialised assessments e.g. CENWAT, CKR1 OR HTR1.

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CCN1 Re-Assessment

4-5 Days

From £1,095.00

The CCN1 Re-Assessment is for Qualified Gas Engineers who need to renew their qualifications. The price of this course includes your Training, Assessments, Learning manuals, 2 appliances, lunch and refreshments. (additional appliances can be booked at an additional charge)

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Managed Learning Program (Gas Foundation)

1 day per week over 40 weeks

From £2,595.00

The BPEC Domestic Gas Foundation Managed Learning Programme (MLP) training course is designed for candidates wanting to enter the gas industry.

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1 Day

From £285.00

The Unvented course is tailored to those who are Initial and re-assess to enable you to work on unvented hot water systems. This qualification must be renewed every 5 years. This course covers G3 building regulations and the new requirements for vented and unvented systems. The price of this course includes Training, Assessments, Learning Manuals, and Lunch.

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Water Regulations

1 Day

From £245.00

The Water Regulations course is for candidates who are required to understand the water regulations and bylaws, in particular those wishing to become approved plumbers/contractors. This qualification has no expiry date applied. Trainees will need basic knowledge of the plumbing and water industry. The price of this course includes your Training, Assessments, Learning Manuals and Lunch during your training with us.

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