The BPEC ACS assessment scheme at Tungsten Training Centre covers the domestic industry. Depending upon the work area specified, the candidate would normally undertake a ‘core’ assessment e.g. CCN1 followed by one or more appliance or specialised assessments e.g. CENWAT, CKR1 OR HTR1.


For the initial ACS assessments, candidates must satisfy the entry requirements defined by the Assessment Scheme Rules (Category 1/ Category 2 (new entrant with transferable skills)/new entrant with no transferable skills or experience).



Any applicants that fully meet the prerequisite requirement to undertake ACS assessments do not need to undertake refresher training. Any applicant may wish to undertake refresher training to better prepare them for the ACS assessment process but this is not a pre-requisite for the assessments.

About this course

Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations. On successful completion, BPEC Certification Ltd will upload the assessment results to Gas Safe Register.

ACS certificates are normally valid for 5 years. On expiry, candidates are eligible to take re-assessment. The re-assessment can be taken up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of the initial qualification without losing out (MOT style). Previous certificates must be presented to the assessment centre as evidence of holding the initial qualification.