Tungsten Training Centre Ltd Complaints Policy and Procedures

Policy Overview:

Purpose: Tungsten Training Centre Ltd Complaints policy is to protect, respond and report to any concerns whilst on the premises of Tungsten Training Centre Ltd or its associated premises (logged in our policy handbook) for anyone receiving training or services provided directly from Tungsten Training Centre or our staff. 

Scope: This policy applies to children, young people and adults.

Responsibilities: The business administration department are responsible for internal auditing of the policies and procedures. All staff and employees working and delivering on behalf of Tungsten Training Centre must adhere to these polices and it is their responsibility to report any incidents or concerns that are stated within the policy.

Official: This is a controlled document. Whilst this document may be printed, the electronic version posted on our secure drive network is the controlled copy. Any printed copies or non-password protected copies of this document are not controlled. As a controlled document, this document should be password protected and be sent within a zip file upon request.

Business statement: Tungsten Training Centre take pride in the success of the training we deliver by ensuring that we always adhere to our policies and procedures and conduct ourselves in professional manner.


Tungsten Training Centre Ltd pledges to provide a high-quality awarding body service and will resolve any problems you may have with its service as quickly as possible.

All complaints will be treated expediently, seriously and confidentially. However, please note that in order to properly investigate your complaint it may be necessary to disclose limited, relevant information to third parties in the form of personal data i.e. information from which you can be identified. Information about a complaint will only be given to people directly involved and everyone involved will be advised of the need for confidentiality.

Fair treatment for all is considered paramount.

Tungsten Training Centre welcomes feedback in order to constantly improve our products and services, therefore feedback and complaints are an important source of information for improving our services and delivering quality training.

Tungsten Training Centre has a formal complaints procedure to ensure complaints are dealt with in a professional manner. A complaint or dissatisfaction with Tungsten Training Centre service can be brought to the attention of the Centre Manager or call 01273 934278

If you wish to write to Tungsten Training Centre the postal address is: Tungsten Training Centre Ltd, Unit 4 Tungsten Building, George Street, Southwick, West Sussex. BN41 1RA


Tungsten Training Centre Ltd will register your complaint and provide a written acknowledgement within 48 working hours, giving an indication of its proposed action. A considered response would then normally be made within 14 working days. Please provide the following information:

  • A clear explanation of the nature of your query or complaint
  • Your full name and candidate/learner number (if applicable)
  • Your centre name and course (if applicable)
  • Copies of any relevant supporting documentation

Tungsten Training Centre procedure applies to all complaints about administration, administrative support, external quality assurance services, supporting resources and training provided by TTC, including any allegations of discrimination and harassment.


Please note, any complaint relating to the Tungsten Training Centre, products or services, should be made to the Centre Manager within 20 working days of the event occurring that gave rise to the complaint. This is to ensure that TTC can act in the most timely and efficient manner, and whilst the optimum amount of information and evidence is available.