Tungsten Training Centre

Complaints Policy and Procedures

Policy Overview:

Purpose: Tungsten Training Centre’s policy is to protect, respond and report to any concerns whilst on the premises of Tungsten Training Centre or its associated premises (logged in our policy handbook) for anyone receiving training or services provided directly from Tungsten Training Centre or our staff. For this policy’s purpose, a complaint is defined as a verbal or written declaration of dissatisfaction regarding a service, process, product or indeed an individual, where there is a clear expectation that remedial action is required.

Scope: This policy applies to our training, apprenticeship delivery and applies to learners, apprentices, employers, and staff

Responsibilities: The business administration department are responsible for internal auditing of the policies and procedures. All staff and employees working and delivering on behalf of Tungsten Training Centre must adhere to these polices and it is their responsibility to report any incidents or concerns that are stated within the policy.

Official: This is a controlled document. Whilst this document may be printed, the electronic version posted on our secure drive network is the controlled copy. Any printed copies or non-password protected copies of this document are not controlled. As a controlled document, this document should be password protected and be sent within a zip file upon request.

Business statement: Tungsten Training Centre take pride in the success of the training we deliver by ensuring that we always adhere to our policies and procedures and conduct ourselves in professional manor.


Tungsten Training Centre prides itself on providing a quality service and a high-quality awarding body service however, we understand at times that you may not be happy with the level of service you have received.

We take any feedback and complaints very seriously as this helps improve our customer’s experience, we will resolve any problems you may have with our service as quickly as possible.


Tungsten Training Centre welcomes feedback to constantly improve our products and services, therefore feedback and complaints are an important source of information for improving our services and delivery of quality training. All complaints will be treated expediently, seriously, confidentially, and fair treatment for all is considered paramount.


This policy applies to all complaints including customers, apprentices, staff, contractors, or anyone receiving a service or training from Tungsten Training Centre.

This policy applies to all complaints about administration, administrative support, external quality assurance services, supporting resources and training provided by Tungsten Training Centre, including any allegations of discrimination and harassment.

Complaints should be made within 20 days of the grievance or event taking place. This is to ensure that Tungsten Training Centre can act in the most timely and efficient manner, and whilst the optimum amount of information and evidence is available.


Tungsten Training Centre would encourage complaints via our informal complaint’s procedure however, we understand at times a formal complaints procedure would be more appropriate. Both procedures are outlined in this policy.


Informal Complaints procedure:


The most direct route to express your complaint would be to follow our informal complaints procedure you can do this by:


  • Discussing your concerns with trainer, assessor or invigilator or any staff within our centre.
  • Ask them to resolve your concerns
  • Escalate your complaint to the business manager.
  • If you are not satisfied with your response, please follow our formal complaints procedure


All our team are committed to ensuring we take pride in the quality of our services and will happily support you to resolve any complaints and grievances you may have about our services.


Formal Complaints procedure:


Tungsten Training Centre has a formal complaints procedure to ensure complaints are dealt with in a professional manner you can do this by:


  • All formal complaints or grievances must be put into writing using the record form in appendix 1 within 20 days of the event of complaint taking place and sent to admin@ttcsussex.co.uk.

Please ensure you include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Description of the complaint
  • Suggested solution
  • Upon receipt of the complaint the individual will be sent a complaint record form, to complete the relevant sections within 5 working days of receipt and return. If the form is not returned, we will assume you no longer want to pursue your complaint.
  • On receipt of your complaint record form being processed, you will be sent a reference number to confirm your complaint has been logged and is being dealt with.
  • Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint and to provide a full response to the complainant within 15 working days.
  • Once the complaint has been resolved the complaint form will be completed accordingly and a final letter / email sent to the complainant with the outcome.
  • For funded training (apprenticeships) if dissatisfied with the outcome then complaints can be escalated to the Education Funding Skills Agency

Complaints procedure – Education and Skills Funding Agency – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Tungsten Training Centres Complaints outcome process:

  1. The Director Dayna Barlow will be responsible for ensuring that the business follows processes of maintaining all records relating to a complaint, using an appropriate Complaints Record Form as the basis for monitoring the progress made in resolving the complaint. Records will include all written complaints received, and copies of all statements from relevant parties.
  2. Completed Complaints Record forms will be reviewed on a regular basis for apparent adverse trends in service quality as part of the Management Review of the Quality System and to monitor equality and diversity.