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yOur business can win again

Many business owners had a vision when they started their company. Independence, a work-life balance and the joy that comes from being their own boss

The reality is that many owners experience everything but that initial vision because they are trying to run their business without the right know-how, resulting in massive frustration and constant stress


So Why Doesn’t Owning A Business Come With A Playbook?


It Does Now!

We have put our 30 years of running businesses into an 8 part series we call the BGOS Playbook.

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I want a playbook!
Blueprint for success

Many employees or contract workers at some point in their careers experience the sense of vulnerability, isolation and dark thoughts  putting strain on them, their health and the business they work for. Even though this can be horrible for the individual, it’s more common than you think.  Steven Afshar facilitates immediate psychological support and relief that starts a process of healing and recovery so everyone can get back to business as normal.

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